Ryan Jensen Photography


The atmosphere is so comfortable that it is easy to forget that you are having your picture taken.The results of this easy atmosphere are shots that capture real moments. I have never had an experience with taking headshots that resulted in so many pictures that could actually work for me.

-Elizabeth Howard

Compared to many other headshot experiences, Ryan made this a fun time instead of an uncomfortable atmosphere. It was not threatening and many laughs were had. I have had such positive feed back from casting directors that look at my shots. They are fresh and telling. Thanks Ryan!

-Kiki Allgeier

I brought some music that made a huge difference in setting the tone and putting me at ease. Since Ryan is trained as an actor, he knows what it's like to be on the other side of the camera, and understands how stressful getting pictures can be and does all he can to put you at ease, and it really shows in the resulting pictures. The response to the pictures was unanimously positive...and now when I show the pictures, people are really impressed, and I feel happy that the image that I'm sending out actually does look like me (which is what casting directors want, of course).

-Bill Smartt

This was by far my best experience with headshots. From the moment I walked in Ryan and Celeste made me feel completely relaxed and at ease. Ryan had a great energy and tons of ideas...but was also receptive to ideas that I had as well. Can't wait to work with him again!

-Ashley Green

In in general kinda hate getting headshots. Photographers I have had in the past have been all about how they think I "should look". The best thing about Ryan is he is all about finding "you" . Bringing in your music and letting you breathe so that whatever is uniquely "yours" can be captured. My makeup artist was awesome, enough to bring out my features but not so overdone that I will never be able to replicate it. And she worked with how I do my hair making it look good but again not soo perfect that it will never look that way again. The shots have been really well received by my manager, so mush so that she has been sending everyone I know there.Anyone and Everyone should shoot with Ryan he rocks.

-Stephanie Czajkowski

You know you never know what your going to get when you book a photographer for new headshots. Anybody can buy lights and a camera, but it takes a certain type of person to bring out the life in you, and show it in your photo. I have taken headshots numerous times and Ryan's professionalism and kindness was unlike any other. He cares about the shots, and wants to bring out the best in you. However, it is not only the way he takes your pics that helps him accomplish this goal. From the moment we met he made me feel at ease, he told me everything I needed to know beforehand. He does all this so that you are as comfortable as possible when you take your pictures, because it does show in your face. On top of everything else Ryan is completely accessible, and will answer any questions, anytime.

-Peter Scot

I've liked my headshots in the past, but I have never LOVED my headshots and had such amazing response until I shot with Jensen Studios.

-Daniel Frank Kelley

I have never had a better headshot experience, from start to finish, than I had with Jensen Studios. Ryan is a total professional with the ability to keep things relaxed, enjoyable, and fun. He was very flexible and accommodating, he listened to my needs, and he gave me his professional opinion without being the least bit pushy. The makeup artist was fantastic and very experienced, my favorite tunes were playing the whole time, and I walked out of my appointment with my favorite shots already selected. Having now seen my final picks, I don't think I've ever had a group of photos that really represent all sides of my personality like these do.

-Jennifer Parsinen

Ryan took the time to figure out who I was and then he took pictures that are not only beautiful but they look like me! Every casting director and agent that has seen my headshot has commented on how great the picture is and how much they appreciate that it actually looks like the person sitting in front of them! The makeup artist Ryan provided was so sweet and was the first one to ask how I do my own makeup so as not to do something too far from what I normally wear.As a result of their time and care, my pictures turned out more wonderful than I ever expected. One well-known commercial agent in LA said it was one of the best pictures she has seen. And for the price, you almost feel like you're getting away with something!

-Emily Burton

My experience with Jensen Studios was really great. Since I was just starting out in the acting field, I didn't know exactly what to expect from my first set of headshots. Ryan made the whole thing so much fun, though. I felt totally comfortable, and couldn't believe how much I loved getting my picture taken. The headshots themselves were taken beautifully. I don't know anyone who didn't love them as soon as they saw them, and I got my first job a few months later. The casting director told me she was really impressed by my headshots. Ryan's work is definitely worth every penny."

-Rachel Reid

This experience truly exceeded my expectations. I felt SO comfortable with the entire experience from start to finish. What I think was the most important is that I trusted Ryan. I trusted that he wouldn't stop shooting until he got the shots that he needed. And shots that brought out who we are. Nothing felt posed. Everything was natural. When all is said and done, I have way more shots than I can use. Yay Jensen Studios NYC!

-Sari Poll

I've worked with over a dozen professional photographers on both the East and SA,/est coasts. My experience with Ryan and his makeup artist was one of the best photo shoots I've ever had. They were professional in every aspect of their work, they contoured the shoot to What you as the actor want, as opposed to their own perception of what they want, and they were incredibly friendly and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend Jensen Studios NYC to any of my friends.

-Hilary Bettis

Ryan took the shot that I needed...not that he needed. He listed to me, and as a result I am thrilled with my new head shot and so are my agents. The photo shoot was relaxed, fun and productive. I will be going back.

-Jason Spelbring

Working with Ryan was really a pleasure. I am very shy when it comes to headshots. My first experience was awful. The photographer I worked with basically blamed me for not getting any good shots. I must say, although I was extremely netNous because of my previous experience, Ryan did such an amazing job. For those getting their headshots for the first time, believe me, it will be a very comforting and rewarding experience. Ryan sets such a comfortable tone and takes his time. He converses with you while he takes shots, and you come away with some surprisingly refreshing candid shots! Oh! And the makeup artist he selected was absolutely incredible! I was so happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Jensen Studios NYC to any and everyone! It was fabulous!

-Jennifer Vasquez

Ryan made me comfortable and the feedback from my new shots has been entirely positive. The best part is that people say that the shots absolutely represent me, you can't ask for more than that.

-Eva Gil

The atmosphere at a shoot with Ryan is at once incredibly relaxed and professional. He really takes the time to get to know you, and what you're hoping to get out of the shoot. For him it's so much more than getting a great set of pictures; it's about representing your true self. These headshots are going to be your calling card for quite a while. Ryan's very aware of that, and does not take that lightly. So many people have said to me - "these pictures really show you!" and that's amazing.

-Sean Walton

Working with Ryan was a treat. He is professional and patient. He was relaxed and he made creative choices to make my shots stand out. Casting directors I meet with say that men's headshots are usually only so-so, but that mine look wonderful. Ryan is also reasonably-priced compared with other photographers, and he takes the time to make your photos look great. Two thumbs up.

-Robert Agis

Ryan is kind and giving - I felt so comfortable from the moment I walked into the studio - he listened to what I wanted and we worked together to make that happen which I hadn't totally experienced before in getting headshots - I left there with not only the shots that I wanted but also with many options and choices - love that!!!! What a fun and easy afternoon - and the best part is that the pictures look like me - everyone who has seen them thinks so and my manager loves them.

-Jamie Hurley

Working with Ryan was truly the best headshot experience I've had...and I've had a lot. He made me feel comfortable and at ease, never too posed or contrived. The shoot just flowed and I could feel how well my pictures were going to turn out as we went. Many photographers can make you look good, but few can make you look interesting, attractive, and active. Ryan's shots are simple and honest; they represent me exactly the way I want to be represented.

-Jonathon Sandler

Ryan was so wonderful and really helped me to relax. Not only was I scared to death of being photographed but I was so weary of "defining" myself in one or two pictures- however, Ryan made me feel so comfortable and inspired. The photo shoot was more than fun, it really helped me get over my that "next step". Now I have great headshots which, not only does everyone love, but that I am extremely happy with. I will definitely keep Ryan around to do my photo shoots in the future and I recommend him to EVERYONE!

-Kendra Thatcher

Having my picture taken by Ryan Jensen was just like hanging out with a good friend, joking around, sharing stories, except he had a black object in his hands that kept making clicking sounds. It was an extremely easy experience, one might say enjoyable! I was relieved that I had some input in the look of the pictures, because that wasn't the case with the last headshot photographer I went to. I think my pictures came out looking like me, but at my best. I have no complaints about the pictures or the process, ESPECIALLY for the price!

-Sheila Logan

From the moment I booked my appointment, Ryan was helpful, available and clearly willing to work with my individual needs. As soon as I arrived to the shoot, I was warmly welcomed by him and the fabulous makeup artist/photo stylist. I felt comfortable the entire time, not like I was doing this big, formal photo shoot, but more like I was hanging with a couple of friends, playing dress up and taking pictures. My comfort level in the space clearly contributed to how great my pictures came out. "How are you ever going to choose?" is what most of my friends are asking since almost all of the shots are not only usable, but awesome! I am so glad I didn't spend $1 ,OOO (again)...

-Roseanne Ciparick

The thing everyone says when they see my headshots is, 'wow, he really captured YOU.' I've received a great response from my agent and casting directors. The photo shoot was the best I've experienced in NYC. Ryan's an easy going guy who makes you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. The digital process eliminates that period of 'Oh my gosh....l hope I get one good shot I can use.' You'll know right then and there, and there WILL be lots more than one good shot....guaranteed. And besides.....who can beat the price in NYC?!?

-Matt Kilgore

Ryan creates such a relaxed atmosphere, it really is possible for you to simply be yourself in front of the camera, and isn't that the whole point? Can't wait to work with him again!

-Liz Lombardi

Ryan made the whole headshot process enjoyable, easy and inexpensive...a far cry from many other NYC photographers. He is the nicest guy, he puts you at ease, he knows a lot about acting and the business, he goes over the shots with you right after the shoot, and he is great with follow-up stuff. Most importantly, he has an amazing eye and his work is top-notch. Get some shots from this guy before he gets rich and famous!!!

-Scott Richter

Ryan made me feel totally comfortable. I have never had so much fun taking pictures. I didn't want to leave! I LOVE my headshots. I left the shoot wishing I could afford to pay him what he's actually worth.

-Jessica Mills

Ryan made me feel sooooo comfortable. He played some of my favorite music, made me laugh and captured my personality so easily! I am so happy I took advantage of his talents!

-Shawna Ferris

Ryan's headshot sessions are relaxed and comfortable. They allow you to be yourself and that really comes through in the photos.

-Anna Ishida

From start to finish, Ryan has been professional, reliable, and personally attentive. The pictures capture the confidence I felt with Ryan behind the camera, and exemplify his talents as a photographer. Take advantage of this amazing deal.

-Dawn Springer

Ryan is very generous with his time and abilities as a photographer. He is technically savvy with digital imaging and produces great work. And you can't beat the price. I highly recommend him for your next headshots.

-Anastasia Coon

I had a blast at my headshot session! Ryan made me comfortable and made me laugh, so the whole experience was a lot of fun. The pictures turned out great as a result of his skill and ability to capture the little things about me.

-Karin Hendrix

Ryan really took the time to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. Knowing that we could look at the shots immediately through the magic of digital photography gave me the confidence to know that I'd leave that afternoon with a good image. His easy manner and my comfort level translated into the most open and honest shots I've had.

-Tommy Schoffler

I thoroughly enjoyed having my head shots taken by Ryan. He is very professional, helped me feel completely at ease and made me laugh the whole time. I am extremely happy with how the photos ended up.

-Grant Myers

Ryan is really hot.

-Cate Blanchett