Ryan Jensen Photography

Okay, I read your ad/saw your website, now what?

Give me a call (347)-526-2226 or drop me an email at ryan@ryanjensenphotography.com and let me know what questions you have and if you have dates that you'd like to shoot. You don’t need to be an expert at this. I am happy to walk you through the process. Reading through this FAQ will maximize our options!

Do I need a makeup artist? How do I get a makeup artist? Can you recommend one?

The Bottom Line: Under the professional care of an experienced makeup artist, twice as many Pictures will turn out! Makeup is applied differently for film, television and the Stage and the same is most definitely true for the still camera. Under strong light "normal" makeup just doesn't cut it. Makeup for headshots in my shoots is not about "covering you up" or changing your essential nature. An experienced makeup artist is an expert at helping the camera capture your essence while downplaying distractions such as dark circles under the eyes, freckles, stray hairs tiny scars and the inevitable stress breakout. In addition to makeup, the stylist provides fashion advice, hair-styling and the peace of mind of having someone there to focus on your appearance while I take pictures. Also, many women of color are concerned about makeup, having had bad experiences with previous makeup artists who did not take care of them. I have several people I work with regularly who are dependable, know my work and who are brilliantly skilled at working with all types of skin, genders and personalities. My clients nearly always walk away raving about how relaxing their makeup experience was, how much the makeup revealed them rather than covered and how invisible it seemed in the photos.

Why do you ask for a non-refundable booking fee?

Why do you ask for a non-refundable booking fee? I generally schedule 3-4 hours for shoots and when someone simply doesn't show, my makeup artist and I are kind of out of luck.. (This happened twice in one week recently.) I collect the non-refundable booking fee (half of the shoot and makeup fees) well in advance to help assure that people make the shoot date and on time and to compensate myself and my makeup artist for time lost in the event of a no-show. If you cancel an appointment with less than twenty-four hours notice, I keep the non-refundable booking fee to compensate myself and my makeup artist for our lost time. I prefer Venmo but will accept cash and postal money orders.

Is it okay if I bring a friend, partner, parent along?

If you are a minor, I require a parent or guardian to attend your session. Otherwise, I strongly encourage my clients to leave their friends, family, significant others and pets at home. I've found that most often, my subject's guest gets bored very quickly during a shoot and my client starts to feel like they have to tend to their needs! Having my client's attention focused on sitting for the shoot is crucial. Even the most unobtrusive, good-natured guest's presence can be detrimental to the process.

Okay, I scheduled my shoot, now what?

The hard part is done. All you have to do is refrain from striking your face repeatedly against hard objects and otherwise watch your health before the shoot. If you find yourself with questions or are simply feeling stressed out about the shoot, just call me. Also, at the suggestion of all of my makeup artists: refrain from doing heavy skin treatments/facials, tanning or getting things waxed or plucked for a couple of days before the shoot if you can help it. It promotes blemishes in the short term, makes your skin raw so it won't hold makeup/powder welll. Good to know, eh?

What should I do the day before the photo shoot?

-Prepare your selection and clothing

-Assemble your hair accessories and makeup items

-Call to confirm your session time

-Get some rest, drinks lots of water and don't drink alcohol the night before. (It dehydrates you and can make you grouchy...the "hung- over" look is so 80's in a "not-cool un-retro" way.)

What should I bring to the shoot?

The healthiest, most well-rested, well-hydrated, non-hung-over you that you can muster. It's amazing what a good night's sleep and a bunch of water will do! It's hard to know what will look best on you, but it will generally be things that are comfortable and make you feel your best. Your photos will most likely be printed in black and white so you should think in terms of medium-dark to dark solid colors and textures/subtle patterns. Imagine it black and white. If it would be the same shade as your skin, don't bring it. Bring at least one sweater and a turtle neck if you have one. Refrain from aggressive patterns, polka- dots and stripes. Also make sure to remove watches and other jewelry you don't want in the pictures beforehand. When it comes to clothing, bring the kitchen sink. I've had people show up with two shirts and a smile and the shoot goes alright, but the more options we have, the better the pictures will turn out. I say it's better to pack a garment back or suitcase and hail a cab on this special day. I know, that can feel extravagant when you are on a budget, but the this is a day to let go of worries about subways, luggage and trains, rolling stuff down the sidewalk in weather. You will be glad you did.


You are always free to call and talk about your photo shoot in advance of the session. I want to feel relaxed and informed about your session and everything that it entails.


Cancellations and no shows aren't really an option short of severe illness. My makeup artist and I will have set aside three hours or more to shoot you and I am stuck if you don't show. If you absolutely need to cancel, please give me a minimum of 72 hours notice. Note that you may forfeit your non-refundable booking fee if you cancel less than 72 hours before the shoot. The non-refundable booking fee can still be used toward a shoot, though there will be an additional rescheduling fee at my discretion. Be ready and on time, as I may have other clients that day or other locations to shoot or acting work of my own to chase. I reserve the right to cancel a shoot or invoke charges for excessive lateness. I have scheduled ample time for your shoot to complete and I don't want to have to rush you out the door or cut into someone else's time.

The Shoot

I will probably spend the first few minutes discussing the clothing options you've brought and then help you make some decisions about what you will wear. You will then get into your first outfit, touch up your hair and/or makeup while I finish setting up the shoot. Bring a playlist of music you like and we'll put it on the big speakers if we are shooting indoors. I am open to anything...something that will keep you relaxed and happy while we get ready is good. After you finish getting ready, I'll have you sit in the area we'll be shooting and get your eyes used to the light. I'll lead you through some very easy instruction so we can communicate easily during the shoot.

Be prepared for the unexpected during the shoot. Some of my best photographs have come from the most surprising circumstances. Work to be flexible, creative and fun and I'll do my best to capture that. Think of me as a director. I want you to look your best and won't embarrass you or present you in an unflattering light. Remember, I was an actor as well and I will be the first one who will bend over backwards to make sure your pictures look great.

Okay, I finished my shoot...now what?

Rejoice and tip me because it was so easy and so much fun. I will email you a link to your photos within 24-48. I strongly encourage people to take their time if possible when trying to choose the two photos for touchups. Show them to as many people as possible and definitely make sure any agents/casting folks you know personally get their two cents in, even if they work in the mail room. Once you let me know which two shots you want, I will have most often have them retouched in about a week and send you a link. Each additional touched up shot after the two included in the package is $50 payable upon receipt. Please note that retouching will not include changing the shape of your face, removing permanent, noticeable features or changing the color of your eyes.

Are landscape-oriented shots acceptable to submit as headshots?

Yes. Landscape headshots have been around for years. About a third of the shots an agency sees these days are landscape. All of the best photographers in NYC and LA use the landscape orientation with varying frequency. It's not an "attention getting" trick (though it may have been at first.) Now, it is an aesthetically pleasing manner in which you can help agents and casting folks see you in a fresh, exciting way.

How do I get an get started/become famous/get an agent?

Most people don't find themselves in the position to get or even need an agent early on in their careers. I strongly suggest that you talk with friends you may have in the business and read several of the good books about the acting industry. One I can recommend that gives a strong, unflinching glance at the industry and offers suggestions on how to get work is Robert Cohen's "Acting Professionally".

Can you take pictures for my business website, personal ad, book dust cover, etc...?

My specialty is headshots, but I will take portrait pictures for just about any purpose. My fee remains the same for most portrait sittings, regardless of the type of shot which is required.

Do you take modeling shots?

I am just beginning to play in the field of fashion modeling. Please let me know if you would like to see some of my early work.